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Anyone heard of fake Olay products doing the rounds?

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  • Anyone heard of fake Olay products doing the rounds?

    Hi all

    I recently bought some Olay total effects 7x day moisturiser online and on receiving it, am not sure it is genuine.

    Does anyone else use this, so I can compare notes?

    Anyone have any advice about how to find out if it is genuine?

    I have used the contact form on the Olay site, but they will probably think I am some sort of nutter lol

    I havent used this product before so cant compare colour or its smell.

    Just dont want to use it if it isnt the real thing.

    I have looked at pics of it on google, and there seems to be a huge range of different packaging for this product, found one that looks like it, the only difference I can see is the underlining being better placed on the online image compared to what I have in front of me.

    The box looks in places as if the printer ink was running out lol, though this could have been caused by the box being rubbed against other boxes I guess.

    The plastic stuck on label on the pump dispenser is crooked and has bubbles or something under it on the front label and back.

    Something just doesnt seem right about it, any help would be much appreciated

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    Why not send some photos to Olay, they should be able to tell you straight away whether it is a fake or not.


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      Thank you both for your help, will let you know how i get on


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        Originally posted by Vonz
        Sorry Minky, I don't use it (am saving up for plastic surgery )

        but have a wander into Boots & do some comparisons iykwim

        Imperfect packaging is one of the first signs of a fake!

        Yvonne x

        i was reading up on botox and those injections to fill out lines...
        couldnt believe the cost of them

        and i'll be buried before i have managed to save up enough for surgery lol


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          heard back from proctor and gamble

          they say if i want them to look into it or see if its genuine, i have to send it off to them


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            wtg Minky

            I hope they send you half a dozen jars back by return

            Yvonne x

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              ooh so do i but i doubt it lol

              they supply the packaging for you to send it to them but they didnt say anything about covering postage costs.

              they say in their email something to the effect off... buy from a reputable seller not auction sites

              yeah sure.... wouldnt we all love to be in the situation where we could buy whatever we wanted at full price without worrying about the cost?



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                Hi Minkyrra,

                I buy Olay skin care products often and the last pot of day moisturiser i bought did not seem as good quality or consistency as normal.
                I thought it just might have been an item from a bad batch, but I got mine from the high street. makes you wonder if they've changed the ingredients.

                Obviously, this may not be relevant to your particular query if you bought it online, but a coincidence all the same.



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                  I decided yesterday to use the product and this morning, then a little concerned as if anything it makes my face feel tight... did some more research online this morning.

                  I have now read that the product should be white and not have a strong smell

                  this is a peachy pink and has a very strong smell.. reminds me of old fashioned hand cream

                  I also read that fakes possibly have mercury in them lol

                  Sooo.. decided to ring Olay direct and speak to them.

                  The woman on the phone was really lovely, she went to get the product from a display and told me that some are a peachy pink and some do have a powdery smell.

                  She said the only way to know for sure is if I send the product to them and she is sending me a prepaid label and....


                  As a gesture of goodwill and to compensate me.

                  She had asked how much I had paid so figure it will be equal to that sum but... blimy wasnt expecting that, esp as I told her where I bought the product.

                  If it is found to be fake they will need seller details etc to take legal action against them.

                  It is just so difficult when buying facial products online to know if they are going to be the real thing, maybe I will have to stick to buying such things from the high street from now on or ask first where they got the item from. But if the seller actually knows its not genuine will they be honest?

                  Alternatively stick to ebid and get to know the seller through the forum before buying beauty products.

                  Lesson learnt

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                    Right best go and clean this stuff off my face quick



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                      I sent a message to the seller who I have to say has been really lovely about it.
                      She is going to contact P&G as well and offered me a full refund.

                      I will say in defence of my not buying from ebid... that I did look here first. The only sellers with this product (though not pump dispenser) has zero feedback.



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                        Well, you wouldn't want to buy from a zero feedback seller, you might end up with a fake product...



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                          Originally posted by bykimbo View Post
                          Well, you wouldn't want to buy from a zero feedback seller, you might end up with a fake product...




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                            Hi, Well I am one of those 0 feedback people, but have 652 positive feedbacks on feebay. I sell Avon and it's the real thing. Have a look!!!!!


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                              Wasn't jar sealed? Most companies have a plastic seal to prevent tampering. If Olay is not sealing jars, not putting "do not use if seal is broken" and it looks like fakes are being sold, they soon will be sealing everything I bet! That is probably why they want to see that jar & packaging and are willing to pay to have it sent to them. Their reputation is on the line.

                              While I hate having to pry, bite, rip those stupid seals off of packages, but it is comforting to know they are there for a reason.

                              Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results - Albert Einstein